Small business ownership and entrepreneurship can provide independence, freedom of choice and unlimited financial opportunity.

Objective: Write down on paper an overview of your dream business and to crystallize why you want to go into business for yourself

Purpose: After completing the worksheet, you will have a focused goal for your business and a clear understanding of your desire to own a small business.

Action Steps: Select a time when you will not be distracted. Choose a quiet spot, relax and let the ideas flow. Write down all your hopes and dreams for your business by describ¬ing what your dream business would be. Ask for input from your spouse, children and close friends and incorporate their ideas into the design of this business blueprint. Place your completed worksheet in a prominent location so you can review it on a regular basis. Study your worksheet regularly until your dreams become a reality.

If you already have an existing business, assess where you are today, what you want to ac¬complish and where you would like to be in the future.

Any business idea creates the potential to succeed financially. Small ideas started with little capital have resulted in multi-million dollar corporations. Yours can too!

Need a process to create a successful business? Reach out. We have proven processes and models to evaluate, launch and grow sales.