This Year. Seek Out a Journey.

Years come and go. For many of us, we make a list of New Year resolutions. You know what I’m talking about. Exercising more. Losing weight. Etc.

This year think about your intention vs. a resolution. Your intention can have a broader focus with relationships, careers or self-improvement.
Choose a broad, less specific goal for an intention than you would for a resolution: For example, improving health, lowering stress, becoming more mindful or present in the moment.
A couple of years back, I was talking with my daughter about how I was initially working on being present in the moment as my mind would wander. A couple weeks later she painted me a beautiful painting the words “LIVE” on it. It sets on my desk to remind me to stay present.
Get specific about ways to achieve that intention. For example, using less technology, spending more time with family, in nature or meditating.
You can use a journal to make note of your intentions and your successes as the year continues.
As always, thanks for being part of our Family.